ADS Bulk Seed Buggy

ADS Bulk Seed Buggy

Seed Tenders

* Simple, Easy to Use

* Safe to Operate

* All Galvanized Construction

* Lowest Possible Load Height

* Long Life

* Road Handling Ability

* Variable Speed Throttle Control

Optional Electric Start

Optional Torsion Axles

Optional Electric Brakes

Optional Liquid or Dry Inoculator

  Since the summer of 1999, Ag Dryer Service Inc. has been manufacturing a line of galvanized seed tenders designed to safely facilitate the handling of large boxes and bags of seed in the field under the names ADS Bulk Seed Buggy and ADS Tru Bulk Seed Buggy. After many hours spent with farmers, customers, and seed company representatives, our Elm Creek, NE design team has produced and tested its first ADS Bulk Seed Buggy while complying with the prime directives of building a simple, easy to use, and safe to operate seed tender.  The design has been constantly upgraded over time to the present models, which we think are the best on the market.   We are the only Bulk Seed Buggy on the market that uses all galvanized construction to reduce maintenance and add to the life of the machine. Our design team has designed these galvanized seed tenders keeping in mind, ease of use, lowest possible load height, long life, road handling ability, and safety in all areas of use. The 2005 model year brings the introduction of a variable speed throttle control that delivers between 0-7 bags a minute of seed. In order to improve on an already excellent and safe design there has been an extension of load reach to thirty two feet, a reduction in load height to thirty seven inches which is one of the lowest in the industry, and a increase in discharge height sufficient to fill the new John Deere central commodity delivery system planters .
    With the added options of electric start motor, torsion axles, electric brakes, and a Liquid or Dry inoculator our units offer all that is needed for a seed tender to perform well in the field.
    In the six years since we started production we have over 1200 satisfied customers in 14 different states, many owning multiple models of Seed Buggys. 
    We are currently working with several seed companies on their promotional cost sharing programs to ease the burden of equipment ownership.
Please check out our seed tenders on the following pages and see why we think our Seed Buggy is the best on the market.

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